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An anthology of four short stories premieres on the World Wide Web January 5, 2016 

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Good stories don't always have happy endings.  In a world of chaos, there will be consequences, some one has to pay.  Caos & Consequences is 4 short stories of people living in chaos and the consequences they or some innocent bystander face as a result of this chaos.

      Our hero is also the anti-hero as s/he struggles through life situations of Chaos a.k.a. sin, evil.  Not finding redemption, they find self-destruction and God’s vengeance, Consequences.  
     There are no fantasy happy endings here.  One’s sub coming to temptation doesn’t always end in one’s own destruction, but the demise of a love one or innocent bystanders.  Likewise, a journey to fulfillment can still end in grief and sorrow.  The result of evil is not good, but punishment.  With Chaos, there will be Consequences.
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Saturday, June 6, 2009

First Day of Filming
Day one is here!  After months of planning, preproduction, location scouting and finally finding a location to shoot-we get set up and ready to shoot and "Aye, we're about to do major construction here, you got two hours and we're rolling in the vehicles"  Great, gotta tear the set down, find a new location and set up, what a way to start- two hours late.
The kids rock! Little E and Anti-Violence G crew were great.  Rainman and Mr Grim did their thang and duked it out.  Photography looks super cool.  DP Vic refuses to take a bad shot, we're rockin!  Gotta super great crew, we're gelin, making beautiful art.  Got another big cast shoot tomorrow so, getting ready.  Stay tuned.
10:57 pm pdt

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