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An anthology of four short stories premieres on the World Wide Web January 5, 2016 

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Good stories don't always have happy endings.  In a world of chaos, there will be consequences, some one has to pay.  Caos & Consequences is 4 short stories of people living in chaos and the consequences they or some innocent bystander face as a result of this chaos.

      Our hero is also the anti-hero as s/he struggles through life situations of Chaos a.k.a. sin, evil.  Not finding redemption, they find self-destruction and God’s vengeance, Consequences.  
     There are no fantasy happy endings here.  One’s sub coming to temptation doesn’t always end in one’s own destruction, but the demise of a love one or innocent bystanders.  Likewise, a journey to fulfillment can still end in grief and sorrow.  The result of evil is not good, but punishment.  With Chaos, there will be Consequences.
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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Jury Duty
Finished principle on Friday, and yes I'm on jury duty.  Actually I don't have to go in today so I can, what, sleep till 10am.  Go over my budget and see what's let for post, cry a little, look back over the budget, cry some more.  Yea, that's the life for us independants.  Looking for work too.  We don't get to kick back like the dudes down south when they wrap.  But I love it.  I miss being on set, working long hours-all to create art.  Now I don't want to drop out of it and do like I've been doing.  Way back, I was tired of being poor and jumped into the business life. Did well, met a lot of people, did what I like, develope young people, gave them skills and encouragement to suceed.  But as everyone knows, business is about making money and that can be frustrating to artist types, like me.  It was fun for a while but when it came to profit, profit, profits, it wasn't fun anymore.  Hard work isn't good for you if it isn't fun.  So I'd rather be a struggling artist than an unhappy retail manager.  Don't get me wrong, we all gotta do what we gotta do.  Adult responsibilities come first, but hey, if you don't have those responsibilities, than go for "it"
So post can't begin till after jury duty.  But I do have time to go over things in my head.  I'm trying to get myself in post mode, but I'm still in production mode.  Gotta get this clutch fixed.
11:34 am pdt

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