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An anthology of four short stories premieres on the World Wide Web January 5, 2016 

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Good stories don't always have happy endings.  In a world of chaos, there will be consequences, some one has to pay.  Caos & Consequences is 4 short stories of people living in chaos and the consequences they or some innocent bystander face as a result of this chaos.

      Our hero is also the anti-hero as s/he struggles through life situations of Chaos a.k.a. sin, evil.  Not finding redemption, they find self-destruction and God’s vengeance, Consequences.  
     There are no fantasy happy endings here.  One’s sub coming to temptation doesn’t always end in one’s own destruction, but the demise of a love one or innocent bystanders.  Likewise, a journey to fulfillment can still end in grief and sorrow.  The result of evil is not good, but punishment.  With Chaos, there will be Consequences.
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Saturday, January 29, 2011

San Diego Black Film Festival Day Two


Well my big day came.  My screening was at 3pm, early showing for a Friday.  Attendance was once again low but it seemed like most of the people that came to the theatre ended up in my screening.   I was pleased that the audience laughed all the way through “Future Shock” though I thought with a bigger audience they would have caught other humorous spots in the film.  The response to the shooting of Eric in the car was dead on.  I could hear the “uhh” from almost everyone.  One of the filmmakers in the audience came up to me and mentioned that someone had to tell him that Wilfredo and Rufus in “Repentless” was the same person. 

So my thoughts on my screening are that I could not get a bearing on audience reception of the film due to the small number.  Films in a theatre are meant to be screened before a large group of people, hence audience.  Often with low turn outs good films can be perceived as weak just because the auditorium is empty and the audience thinks “this must me bad” before the film starts.  There’s also the notion of people in the audience feeding off each other.  Some people won’t laugh if others aren’t laughing.

During the prime time evening showings I watched  “To Sleep and Dream”  This 5 minute short had a lot of visuals and described what I believed to be the process of one dying and one birthing, but I could be wrong about that.

Next, I watched “Scorn”  But first I was taken by Limo from the host hotel to the theatre and walked up the red carpet.  No celebrity sightings to date but I guess we filmmakers were the celebrities.  Anyway, Scorn details the trials and tribulations of relationships and break ups.  Not just simple relationships and breakups but ones where lies, domestic abuse and insincerity exist, Scorn, get it?  The film took us through relationships of three couples and best friends.  Reminds me of true low budget independent filmmaking, low lighting, gritty, line crossing, but strong story lines, strong emotional acting from first time actors and  great story and images needed for an underserved audience.

“Scorn” was the most attended film I’ve seen in the first two days of the fest but I am still disappointed by the low turnout.  Maybe I was expecting more than I should and maybe times are really that tough. Maybe.

3:35 am pst

San Diego Black Film Festival

Thursday, January 27

Arrived in San Diego afternoon.   Checked into hotel and headed out to catch the early pre-screening films.  I watched a documentary entitled “My Slave Sister Myself”   This film shows how the traumatic effects of the Atlantic slave trade still haunts the African American female to this day in her daily life and existence in America.  One particular fact I learned today was- In 1807 the Atlantic slave trade was abolished.  That meant that it was illegal to bring Africans as slaves across the Atlantic to America.  To combat this rule and maintain their status quo, slavers resorted to hiring animal breeders.  These breeders developed methodology to breed African slaves-just like they did for animals.  For example, a woman selected for breeding had to have certain size, looks, and health.  She would be expected to bear 10-15 children by the time she was 25.   A finely researched film and very informative about a dark historical time in America.

The evening show I caught the shorts program consisting of “Jackpot” about a woman who tries to “catch” an NBA basketball star by getting pregnant.  The b-ball player himself is womanizer, and hires a “fix it guy” to take care of his problem.  I won’t spoil it by telling how it was taken care of but I can say two negatives in this case equal a negative.  Also on the program, “You Gotta Dance,  about an Army veteran, who because of a racial incident, ends up going from collegian honors students to street thug and back to PH.D recipient.  It is a true story of redemption.

Finally, “Under-Tow”  about a father and daughter who reunite after missing the young girl’s entire childhood.  It is tragic story of anger, deception and forgiveness.  I had a long conversation with the director because he ended the movie without an ending (for me) and I told him his audience shouldn’t have to imagine what happens since it’s not our story but his.

I enjoyed the first day of films.  We could have used better attendance numbers but I guess these are hard times for everyone.
3:32 am pst

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